The Fund has invested in 9 companies for approximately ISK 43 billion, which represents about 80% of the Fund’s ISK 54.4 billion in subscriptions.

The Iceland Enterprise Investment Fund has invested and acquired holdings in the following companies:


Advania EIF’s holding in Advania is currently 32%.Advania_logo_hlutfall

Icelandic Group  EIF’s holding in Icelandic Group is 100%.logo_icelandic_hlutfall

Invent Farma The Enterprise Investment Fund holds 38% stake in Invent Farma.Invent_Farma_logo_hlutfall

Promens In September 2011 the Iceland Enterprise Investment Fund completed its acquisition of a 49.5% share in Promens hf. promens_hlutfall



The Enterprise Investment Fund is expected to continue to invest in its first three years, after which the plan is to sell the companies held by the Fund within 4-7 years. The lifetime of the Fund is currently set at 10 years, although its time of operation can be extended twice, for one year each time.