Mr. Finnbogi Jónsson has decided to step down as CEO of the Icelandic Enterprise Investment Fund after a successful two-year career since the Fund’s foundation. He has agreed to undertake certain directorial functions for companies owned by the Fund. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jónsson has built a strong investment fund which has returned excellent results in a short time.

Finnbogi Jónsson: “This has been an extremely eventful period. I have decided that now is the right time to resign as CEO after two years of enormously demanding and hectic work. It is in my opinion the proper moment, now that important milestones have been passed in the Fund’s operations, which has invested extensively in recent months. I have also agreed to continue to take on special assignments for the Fund, including service on the boards of directors of some of the companies where the Fund has interests.”

Thorkell Sigurlaugsson, Chairman of the Board of the Iceland Enterprise Investment Fund: “Finnbogi has done an extremely good job in developing the Iceland Enterprise Investment Fund, and my first thoughts are of the excellent results achieved by the Fund on his watch. The Fund’s investments have already proved extremely profitable, and I would like to thank him for his outstanding work. It is also of great value to the Fund that he is prepared to continue to work on special assignments in the interests of the Fund. The harvest has been superb and now our principal task is to support the companies in which we have invested and either list them in the stock market or sell then directly to favourable investors.”

The position of Chief Executive Officer of the Iceland Enterprise Investment Fund will be advertised in the near future.