Herdís Dröfn Fjeldsted has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Iceland Enterprise Investment Fund (EIF) and will take over next 1 April from Brynjólfur Bjarnason, who recently asked to step down. Herdís has been Chief Investment Officer at EIF since 2010 and has extensive experience from her work on investment and restructuring projects.  She has a masters degree in corporate finance from the University of Reykjavik and a degree in business economics from the international markets department. She has served on the boards of directors of numerous companies, including Icelandic, as chairman, Promens, as vice-chairman, Icelandair Group and Invent Farma. 

Thorkell Sigurlaugsson, EIF Chairman of the Board:
 “Herdís is extremely well prepared to lead the projects ahead at the Fund. She has extensive experience of the work and investments of EIF. The Fund currently has holdings in five key enterprises and the task ahead is to work with the management and staff of these enterprises to develop their business activities and operations, list them in the stock exchange or sell them. Work is also in progress on researching new and attractive investment opportunities that fit in with the Fund’s strategy.”  EIF’s total assets currently stand at at ISK 36 billion and the equity ratio is 90%. The Fund has shown excellent results in recent years. The Fund’s profits have been returned to its 18 owners, mainly pension funds and Landsbanki Íslands, all of which are in public ownership in Iceland. All realised profits from the Fund’s operations are returned to the Fund’s owners on an annual basis. 

For further information, please contact:

Thorkell Sigurlaugsson, Chairman of the Board of EIF ( tsi@hr.is . Tel. +354-820-6222)

Haflidi Helgason ( haflidi@framtakssjodur.is . Tel. +354-864-6350)